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The domain name selection is extremely important – that is how you and or your business will be remembered by your gests – potential customers.


The term domain name has multiple related meanings:

  • It identifies a computer or computers on the Internet and appears as a component of a Web site's URL, e.g. This type of domain name is also called a hostname.
  • The product that domain name registrars provides to their customers often called registered domain names.
  • Names used for other purposes in the Domain Name System (DNS), for example the special name which follows the @ sign in an email address, or the Top-level domain names like .com, or the names used by the Session Initiation Protocol (VoIP), or DomainKeys.
  • As a courtesy to our customers, we offer you opportunity to verify your domain name selection, and if you desire you may purchase domain name through us at Trevi’s cost.
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