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Teasers are a marketing tactic of progressive disclosure of information, and a form of interactive design technique that sequences information and actions across several screens in order to reduce feelings of overwhelm for the user. By disclosing information progressively, you reveal only the essentials and help the user manage the complexity of feature-rich sites. Progressive disclosure follows the typical notion of moving from "abstract to specific"; only it may mean sequencing interactions and not necessarily level of detail (information). In other words, teaser is not just about displaying abstract then specific information, but rather about 'ramping up' the user from simple to more complex actions.

The best way to think about progressive disclosure on the web is: "Only show information that is relevant to the task the user wants to focus on, on any given page".

Typically a site that's using teasers will display several of them on the home page and/or in major site subsections. These will get rotated in/out by editorial staff depending on which content needs to be promoted at the time

In its most formal definition, teaser means to move complex and less frequently used options out of the main user interface and into secondary screens.

Historically, progressive disclosure - teaser is a concept that came from the software usability experience. On the web, interactions are chaotic, randomized and dynamic due to the fact that hypertext is a non-linear media.

In the software world the audience is predictable and targeted, making learning styles more predictable. On the web, it's anybody's guess who might be using the site. The website visitor might be a particle physicist, a teen or a grandma. Learning styles, comfort levels and expectations differ greatly. This is perhaps why you hear a lot of references to progressive disclosure in conversations and interviews, but rarely any ideas about how to apply it effectively.

The marketing approach to progressive disclosure - teaser, is to get user excited about the features and force users to partake of the excitement by making them wade through them all. You want to roll a small snowball down a hill and hope it gets bigger and bigger leading to an avalanche! This is the goal of progressive disclosure from a marketing standpoint.

Teaser is an interaction design technique that emerges out of the insights gained during Task Analysis. Observing users in the field, allows our designers to understand their workflow outside of your technology. This analyses provide the data required to prioritize and sequence content functionality.

The main thing to remember about teasers technique is that you will be able to use it correctly if you have conducted task analysis (behavioral observation) with your user base.

To sum the above, teasers are short, promotional pieces of text or images (or combinations of both) that link to content within a Plone site. Information-rich sites use a "teaser" strategy to promote noteworthy content.

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